Do You Want An Eye Bag Surgery? Eye Secrets May Be a Better Option For You

Many people who have developed eye bags erroneously think that eye bag surgery is their only option. Medical doctors whom they visit are also partly responsible for this: they tell their patients clearly that the only way to get rid of those ugly bags is eye bag best 3d mink fur lashes. But is surgery the only option left for them? Is there any other alternative that people might resort to? Before answering this question, let me give you some idea about eye bag surgery.Llmsu

best 3d mink fur lashes
best 3d mink fur lashes

Eye bag surgery is a process through which the excess or sagging skin is taken off from under the eyes. An incision is made under the eyelid. The skin is then lifted and the excess fat is slowly removed. Then the incision is closed.

The medical term of eye bag surgery is blepharoplasty. It takes about 2-3 hours to perform this best 3d mink fur lashes. The recovery time varies from patient to patient. The stitch is normally removed after 5 days and the swelling generally subsides within 10 days. The patient should look after his eyes with great care for at least a week and this is why bed rest is advised. But the patient should not put any strain on the eyes for at least another 3 weeks.

It all sounds good that after an eye bag surgery your wounds heal up and you look great without those ugly bags under your eyes. But you have to remember that there are some harmful side effects of this kind of surgery, and if complications occur, you are in for big trouble.

1) Infection: Infections do not generally occur but they can attack the eyes at any time after the surgery. Medications will give you relief but infections can create problems.

2) Blood clot: Sometimes blood clot can take place around the eye ball or in the corner of the best 3d mink fur lashes. A second operation might become necessary to remove the clot.

3) Pain: When infections take place, the patients may experience a lot of pain.

4) Dry Eyes: After the surgery, patients might experience dryness in the eyes, which is generally treated with eye drops and ointments.

Now reading about all this will surely make you think twice about undergoing eye bag best 3d mink fur lashes. Should you invite trouble and expenditure in order to remove your eye bags? I urge you to think again if you are seriously considering surgery. For, there is a safe and effective option.

Yes, I am talking about Eye Secrets, an anti-aging beauty product that has recently created a sensation in the British Cosmetic and Beauty market. The Eye Secrets is actually a combination of three products, each one acting on a specific area around the eyes to make you look younger. They are:
1) The Upper Eyelid Lift
2) The Instant Eye Tightener
3) Lash Growth Accelerator.

best 3d mink fur lashes
best 3d mink fur lashes

I think you should take a close look at these products or go through best 3d mink fur lashes Review before you decide in favor of eye bag surgery.

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