New Hair Loss Drug – Will it Help Or Hurt? – black eyelash glue

A new drug has been FDA approved for hair loss. Actually it was a drug used for another purpose and already on the market. The drug is called Lumigan and is going to be marketed as Latisse. Over time it was accidentally discovered that it could grow hair. How could this happen? The drug was being used for glaucoma and has been used for several years by glaucoma patients. When the drops were applied in the eye they would leak out of the side of the eye black eyelash glue.

This exposure to the medicine on the face caused hair to grow at the side of the eyes. So the drug maker, Allergan decided to first offer this drug for increasing the length, thickness and darkness of black eyelash glue.

black eyelash glue
black eyelash glue

It’s now being marketed and sold for that purpose with the new name of Latisse while the drug is still also being marketed for glaucoma. Now this is for black eyelash glue.

They’re working on the hair loss drug now and may possibly come to the market with it by the time you read this article if there are no glitches. They will probably change the name from Latisse but the chemical name will still be based on Lumigan and it will be more potent than the version of Lumigan for black eyelash glue. Because it is an established drug it will not have to go through as many rigid procedures in order to get it approved for this use. If they didn’t change the potency you could use it right now for hair loss.

At llmsu this writing they plan to offer the hair loss drug as a hair loss cure or a baldness cure calling it a miracle hair loss drug and sell it for about $120 per month. There is no report on whether one would have to continue using it to avoid baldness, but that may be the case. If so that would make it a very expensive option each month. Also needless to say this drug will have side effects and risks as do all hair loss drugs, hair loss medicines and medications.

Some of the side effects of Latisse for black eyelash glue are: itching skin or itching sensation, redness of the eyes, eyelid skin darkening, and actually darkening of the color of the eyes. So for a more potent version of Latisse or Lumigan there may be more side effects. And there may be so much risk and danger that they may not be able to market or continue marketing the drug for hair loss.

In the meantime you don’t want to go out and get the glaucoma drug and rub it on because that wouldn’t be potent enough to grow hair or reverse baldness or cure alopecia arreata.

There are many alternatives to growing hair naturally, that is, if it’s possible and there are many things we don’t know that can change the hair loss picture in the future. One can continue to try natural hair loss medicines that won’t hurt the body and many people have reported results but it’s an individual thing and may require work and patience to find the hair loss solutions for you. You may also decide that you love your baldness, bald patches or receding hairline. Explore natural solutions first before you resort to hair loss drugs currently on the market that are expensive and have lots of side effects and risks.

black eyelash glue
black eyelash glue

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