WoW Shaman Guide – How to Build A Powerful Enhancement Shaman

When we’re talking about Shaman as a melee damage dealer, the Enhancement tree is the best choice you have. This talent tree is well known for its Dual Wield, a talent that allows a Shaman to dual-wield one hand weapons. It also has Lava cheap mink lashes and Flametounge, which you will use often. How to use it? Continue to read this WoW Shaman guide for further details.Llmsu

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Talent Build

With the rule that force you to spend 31 points in one particular tree before moving to other talent trees, it has became a little easier to “choose a specialization” without much distraction. In this case, of course you’ll want to put all those 31 points in the Enhancement tree. Here’s the build:

– Elemental Weapons (2)
– Focused Strikes (3)
– Improved Shields (3)
– Elemental Devastation (3)
– Flurry (3)
– Ancestral Swiftness (2)
– Stormstrike (1)
– Static Shock (3)
– Searing Flames (3)
– Shamanistic Rage (1)
– Unleashed Rage (2)
– Maelstrom Weapon (3)
– Improved Lava cheap mink lashes (2)

Make it 32 points with 1 point in Feral Spirit.

Add some points from the Elemental tree:

– Acuity (3)
– Concussion (2)
– Reverberation (2)
– Elemental Precision (2)

How to play

Your totems are really useful in raids and heroics, so I suggest you to join a raid party and make yourself useful. Additionally, other abilities (such as Hex) are also useful in certain situation, so don’t forget to equip Glyph of Hex on your Major Glyphs. Basically, this is the general setup:

Prime Glyphs

– Flametongue Weapon
– Lava cheap mink lashes
– Stromstrike

Major Glyphs

– Hex
– Lightning Shield
– Shamanistic Rage

Lastly, put Windfury Weapon on your main hand weapon and Flametongue Weapon on your off hand weapon.

When the battle begins, your first priority would be to drop your totems first. The totems that you need to drop first are Strength of Earth, Searing Totem, Healing Stream, and Windfury Totem. After that, activate your Shamanistic Rage. At this point, your battle preparation is done; start to dish some damage with Stormstrike, Unleash Elements, and Earth Shock.

When your Searing Flames has reached 5 stacks, use your Lava cheap mink lashes. Usually this will give you a very high damage output. Do the same with Maelstrom Weapon; when it has reached five stacks, use your Lightning Bolt.

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And that’s how you use an Enhancement Shaman effectively. Of course, you don’t need to do all of those in every fight, I’m just putting an illustration on what you should do in a boss fight. Use all skills and abilities mentioned in this WoW Shaman Guide correctly and you’ll be welcomed in any raid party.


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