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Major Health Problems of Golden Retrievers

Like all other dog lashes with private label, the Golden Retriever is not a perfect breed, and is prone to a multitude of health problems. Most of these health problems are congenital and delayed, which means that they pass on from parent to offspring, and they can be adults before the first symptoms show up. Here are some of the most common health problems you need to watch out for:

1. Elbow Dysplasia: This is a common disease in backyard bred or improperly bred Golden Retrievers. The bones of the elbow have not grown properly, causing the joint to become loose. Golden Retrievers that suffer from elbow lashes with private label are affected by arthritis, which can cause great pain and discomfort to the dog. In severe cases, the bone can actually fracture or dislocate. The disease has no cure, and treatment is both expensive and painful because it requires surgery to the tendons affected, and continuous intake of medicines such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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2. Canine Hip Dysplasia or CHD: The same type as elbow dysplasia, only this time, it occurs in the hip because there is a misfit between the femur and the pelvic socket. Canine Hip Dysplasia can be very painful and detrimental to the dog because he or she cannot walk properly. In severe cases, the dog in unable to walk or move at all. What’s worse is that CHD can be asymptomatic, so you wouldn’t know that there’s anything wrong with your dog until it is too late. Again, treatment would be expensive and painful because they also have the same treatment as elbow dysplasia.

3. Cataracts: A condition wherein the iris of the eyes slowly turn white and cloudy. It affects the vision of the Golden Retriever, and in the most severe cases, renders the dog totally blind. While most common in older dogs, cases have been recorded of younger dogs having this condition. This is termed as “juvenile cataracts”. You can cure this condition with eye surgery in younger dogs, however, for older and more feeble dogs, the surgery could prove to be too dangerous.

4. Llmsu and Trichiasis: Both are conditions of the eye resulting in eye irritation, and sometimes, scratching of the cornea. For entropion, the eyelids of the Golden Retriever are inverted, and they roll inwards into the eye. In Trichiasis, however, the lashes with private label of the dog are curved and hits the eyes. Both are correctible easily. You can opt for surgery, which is a low-risk procedure for this health problem.

5. Subvalvular aortic stenosis or SAS: SAS is a very serious condition that affects the heart of your Golden Retriever. The left ventricle and the aorta do not allow proper blood flow, which can and does lead to heart failure. While it can be treated, it carries a great risk for the dog.

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The good news is, most of these lashes with private label can be detected even before symptoms set in. Consult your local veterinarian about which tests would be appropriate for your dog. If you are able to detect them before they show up in your dog, it has a pretty good chance of recovery!


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