Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

We all know that, “eyes are the window to the soul”. Attractive and communicative eyes are considered an asset for an individual, especially a female. Sensible eye makeup enable eyes to look more beautiful and attractive. There are number of eye makeup that could be applied on eyes to make them more appealing including applying eye-shadow, mascara etc. The most important being mascara which is considered as one of the most essential eye mink eyelashes.Llmsu

mink eyelashes
mink eyelashes

The majority of women have no problem while applying mascara, but some have sensitive eyes, which make it a little bit difficult when applying. Sometimes women with sensitive eyes get confused while making their selection on which mascara to buy. There are few things that should be kept in mind while choosing mascara for sensitive eyes.

Such as

• Their causes and effect

• The process of applying and removing

• The solution to the problem

Let us get in more detail about the point mentioned as above:

What’s wrong with using just any mascara?

Wrong kind of lash mascara can in fact make your mink eyelashes fall out. If you find any problem with eye lashes such as falling or whitening then immediately check to see if:

1. Are you using waterproof mascara? The harsh chemicals in waterproof mascara can lead to irritation and breaking of your lashes, especially when you take it off.

2. If you are using chemical mascara; it may weaken your mink eyelashes. Your eye-lashes could become more fragile where they are more probable to fall out.

3. If your lashes are long, you need to use mascara with an escalation formula, since long lashes have a tendency to break at the tips.

The effect of using wrong mascara

Be careful while buying mascara. Avoid chemical and petroleum-based formulas, as they can lead to allergic reactions while slowing down the growth of hair follicles beside your eyelid.

Natural mascara will be gentle on your eyes and lashes, so go for them. It is better to opt for popular brands such as “maybelline” etc. Don’t forget to look for a hypoallergenic label as well as methods that have moisturizers or lash conditioners.

How to apply mascara

First you need to apply it gently on eyes. Starting from the roots of eyelashes to the tip. Avoid double or triple coating when applying. A single coat can still give a good effect on your eyes. When you have multiple coatings, the removal of it at the end of the day can become a nightmare and really do damage to your eyes. Though mascara gives a wonderful look to the lashes try and avoid using it daily, instead apply on special occasion.

How to remove mascara

Don’t rush to get the mascara off, you need to be gentle with the removal process. Take a wet cotton pad or ball with makeup remover and cautiously rub your lashes. Being speedy and forceful will make your eyelashes fall out in acutely unpleasant patches. It can deteriorate the hair and cause breakages.

mink eyelashes
mink eyelashes

The ultimate solution to the problem.

The ultimate solution for the problem is to go for organic and eco-friendly products. As said earlier brands like Maybelline Mascara are good for mink eyelashes. Natural beauty products also really work and is better to avoid the noxious chemical loaded products that number of women has used over the years.


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